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What we do

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graphic design

Graphic design is a form of visual communication. As designers, we select and combine elements such as text, graphics, and images in a way that communicates ideas as effectively as possible. Both creative and technical, graphic design is a problem-solving process with the goal of reaching the most visually stimulating solutions for our clients. From packaging graphics and logos, to websites and brochures, our knowledge of composition, layout, and typography ensure your brand and your message are related as clearly and memorably as possible through our graphic design services.  
  • logos
  • branding
  • brochures
  • signage
  • advertising
  • marketing packages
  • websites
  • product packaging
  • corporate identity

architectural illustration

Using either traditional or digital applications, our architectural illustrations help bring your marketing materials to life. We work with real estate developers, architects, and designers in order to depict architectural plans or represent future projects. Dealing with actual media, such as watercolours and paper, traditional illustrations can give your printed or electronic media a softer feel. Conversely, digital illustrations involve computer-generated applications on tablets using digital tools, allowing for several edits on certain features. This option of manipulation that digital illustration allows means details like roof materials or the siding of a building may easily be adjusted and presented to clients. Whether you’re working on a renovation project or a non-existing structure, either technique enables you to view and present structures or buildings from any aspect or elevation.  
  • 3D photorealistic
  • animation
  • hand painted

commercial illustration

Our commercial illustrations are three-dimensional representations that allow you to visualize any object or space. From product packaging to landscapes, our photorealistic illustrations are highly-detailed depictions which allow you to convey texture, feel, colour, and lighting. Aiding in product development and complementing your marketing and communication packages, they allow our clients to sell concepts to potential customers, attract buyers, or simply display products.
  • industrial
  • prototypes
  • marketing

video production

Our video presentations are visual displays that showcase your business, product, or idea. Often composed of a variety of media, such as graphics, text, and images, they are visually stimulating promotional materials which show and explain what you can offer your audience. Video presentations are a dynamic way to relate information about your product or service. Ideal for presentation centers, proposals, product launches, or displays, they are animated marketing tools that can be applied to all types of platforms and social media outlets. Since they captivate your audience through sight and sound, and break up statistics and information with graphics, our video presentation services are an extremely effective way to attract and hold an audience’s attention.  
  • videography
  • motion graphics
  • editing+ animation
  • voice-over
  • music composition & recording
  • aerial-flyby

website design & development

Generally comprised of several web pages under one domain, a website is a publicly accessible point of reference. Your website is an extension of your company, reinforcing your brand and corporate identity. It’s a source of information for your audience, but also an opportunity to leave an impression upon them. Combining elegance and function, our web and graphic services effectively implement your corporate identity with the aim of garnering traffic and brand recognition for your business. We build websites not only to help inform your audience, but to stimulate and attract them. Having a well designed website increases the visibility of your business, making it easier for people to understand exactly what product or service you can offer them.
  • design / layout
  • development
  • mobile
  • e-commerce

custom photography

Photographs have the ability to tell a story. They allow you to capture moments, envision spaces, or express a mood. Whether you require interior and exterior shots of a building, or want to capture an event, our knowledge of composition, lighting, and post-production means you can dictate the tone and feeling your images convey. Custom photographs can help establish your company’s identity, grab a person’s attention, or allow potential buyers to visualize a space. As a service specifically adapted for each of our clients’ needs, it allows the images you apply to your print or electronic media to relate information while reflecting your corporate identity. Ultimately, custom photography is about your individual needs and vision being captured.  
  • architectural
  • lifestyle
  • aerial